Making Braces Fun for Kids

Making Braces Fun for Kids

When sisters, 15-year-old Alora and 13-year-old Anastasia, embarked on their respective journeys at Swihart Orthodontics, their friendly competition added a fun twist. At the heart of this story is a gentle rivalry over who would be braces-free first. “There was definitely a bit of competition on who’s going to get their braces off first and […]

The Jolly Rancher Incident and Other Don’ts: Braces Tips from Alora, 15

When Alora, a vibrant 15-year-old and patient of Swihart Orthodontics, was relatively new to wearing braces, she had a little mishap that highlights one of the essential “don’ts” for anyone with braces. There she was, having a pretty typical teen-with-braces experience: excitement about changing band colors, adjusting to new dental routines, and the anticipation of […]

The Benefits of Braces: Can They Help Your Teen Learn Responsibility?

Anastasia’s braces journey at Swihart Orthodontics began with an incident involving chocolate-caramel candy. Early in her treatment, she decided to test the boundaries with this favorite treat. Anastasia didn’t break a bracket like her sister Alora had (see “Jolly Rancher Incident”), but she did realize the risk wasn’t worth taking. They say a wise person […]

Beyond Cosmetics: Why Do People Get Braces?

Diane, a Swihart Orthodontics patient in her early 70s, is living proof that people can get braces at any stage of life, for any reason. She confesses to self-consciousness being part of her motivation, but she also had a functional reason for getting braces. Diane’s dentist expressed concern about her bottom teeth leaning in toward […]

Braces Benefits: Nine Ways Braces Can Improve Your Quality of Life

For Rick, a 21-year-old college student, braces were a gateway to a new quality of life. Rick’s journey with Swihart Orthodontics, which began to correct a significant underbite, showcases the multifaceted benefits of braces, going far beyond cosmetic improvement. Nine Life-Improving Benefits of Braces: The impact of braces is about more than the visible changes. […]