The Benefits of Braces: Can They Help Your Teen Learn Responsibility?

Anastasia’s braces journey at Swihart Orthodontics began with an incident involving chocolate-caramel candy. Early in her treatment, she decided to test the boundaries with this favorite treat. Anastasia didn’t break a bracket like her sister Alora had (see “Jolly Rancher Incident”), but she did realize the risk wasn’t worth taking. They say a wise person learns from others’ mistakes!

Learning Responsibility Through Orthodontic Care

Anastasia’s encounter with the forbidden caramel was a lesson in making wise choices. For children and adolescents, braces can represent a journey that teaches valuable life skills. Here are some ways in which the experience can help them cultivate a sense of responsibility:

  • Understanding the impact of choices: Anastasia’s caramel experiment taught her the importance of making decisions that align with her long-term goals, a skill that extends far beyond orthodontic care.
  • Commitment to daily routines: The necessity of regular brushing and flossing with braces instills a discipline that can translate into other areas of life, from academic work to personal hobbies. At the very least, it can help kids develop good oral self-care habits early in life.
  • Keeping appointments: Keeping up with orthodontic appointments underscores the value of reliability and punctuality, preparing teens for future commitments.
  • Navigating discomfort: Learning to manage the occasional discomfort of braces adjustments teaches resilience and the understanding that growth often involves facing challenges head-on.
  • Valuing long-term rewards: The journey to a perfect smile is a lesson in patience and the rewards of persevering through a lengthy process, reinforcing the principle that good things come to those who wait. 

Kid hack: Long-term rewards may be tough for some children and teens to wrap their heads around; this is where a photo timeline of their progress may come in clutch. Placed strategically in their daily path, it can help them stay connected to why they’re enduring this challenge.

Experience the Benefits of Braces

At Swihart Orthodontics, we believe that orthodontic treatment is an invaluable opportunity for personal development. It’s a chance for your child or adolescent to not only achieve a beautiful smile but also to embrace the responsibilities that come with it. If you’re ready to guide your child through this enriching experience, we’re here to support you every step of the way. Book a consultation to begin this transformative journey together.

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