Beyond Cosmetics: Why Do People Get Braces?

Diane, a Swihart Orthodontics patient in her early 70s, is living proof that people can get braces at any stage of life, for any reason. She confesses to self-consciousness being part of her motivation, but she also had a functional reason for getting braces. Diane’s dentist expressed concern about her bottom teeth leaning in toward her tongue. It’s a common occurrence–most adults’ teeth begin to do this as we age–but it can have serious periodontal consequences. As the teeth shift, the gums on the “windward” side begin to recede. Left untreated, this can lead to periodontal disease and tooth loss.

Ten Reasons to Get Braces

If asked to picture someone who needs braces, most of us would envision a teenager with crowded teeth. We’re here to dispel that myth. Diane’s story serves as a foundation to explore the reasons why individuals of any age might consider braces.

  • Correcting shifts in teeth: Like Diane, adults may notice their teeth shifting over time. Braces can realign them, mitigating any functional or aesthetic issues.
  • Avoiding tooth loss: Diane’s dentist cautioned that her moving teeth could lead to tooth loss. Braces can stabilize teeth in their proper positions.
  • Protecting periodontal health: Misaligned teeth can contribute to periodontal disease. Proper alignment helps distribute oral forces evenly and prevent deep periodontal pockets, which is essential for gum health.
  • Improving oral hygiene: Straight teeth are easier to clean, leading to better oral hygiene and cavity prevention.
  • Addressing dental erosion: Braces can prevent abnormal wear patterns that might otherwise lead to more serious dental procedures down the line.
  • Preventing bone erosion: If teeth don’t receive enough biting and chewing pressure due to an open bite, then the underlying bone doesn’t get stimulated, which can lead to bone loss. Braces help in maintaining a healthy bone structure by correcting such bite issues.
  • Enhancing self-esteem: Braces can restore confidence and comfort in social situations, like they did for Diane. There’s an old-school belief that looking after our appearance is self-indulgent, but we’re here to assure you that it’s self care!
  • Improving bite and chewing: A misaligned jaw can cause trouble with eating. On the other hand, a proper bite can improve digestion and reduce gastrointestinal discomfort. You may be surprised by how much!
  • Optimizing other dental treatments: For those requiring crowns, implants, or bridges, having well-aligned teeth can improve the fit and longevity of these treatments.

Why Will You Get Braces?

Whether you’re 17 or 70, braces can significantly enhance your smile and quality of life. Like Diane, who was motivated by both aesthetic and dental reasons, every patient at Swihart Orthodontics receives personalized care tailored to their unique needs. Embrace the opportunity for improved health, function, and confidence. If you’re contemplating braces for yourself or a loved one, let us be part of your journey. Book a consultation at Swihart Orthodontics in Newport News or Gloucester today to explore how we can bring a lasting positive impact to your life.

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