Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages In Newport News, VA

Orthodontic Treatment for All Ages

Whatever stage of life you’re in, if you’d like to enjoy a straighter smile, we’re here to help you achieve that. The experts at our Newport News and Gloucester, VA orthodontist offices call on more than 25 years of experience to offer you the very best service, treatment options, and results. We offer both comprehensive and limited orthodontic treatment plans depending on your needs.

Young children between ages 6 – 9 may benefit from Phase 1 interceptive orthodontic treatment, which looks to optimize the growth and positioning of the jaw so that teeth erupt in more ideal placements. This helps to ensure easier orthodontic treatment down the road on their journey to their most beautiful smile.

Tweens and teens will enjoy the full scope of our orthodontic treatment options, with Dr. Swihart and parents working together with young people to determine the best appliances for each particular case.

Most cases can be treated with either traditional braces or clear aligners, though there are some cases where traditional braces are recommended. Dr. Swihart will explain your options in detail, and the reasons behind her recommendation.

Adults, you’ve got the full range of orthodontic options available to you, too! Now more than any other time in history, it’s easy to straighten your adult smile so that it looks great and fills you with confidence. Clear aligners or clear traditional braces can be used to minimize concerns about wearing orthodontic appliances.

In all cases, once ideal tooth placement has been achieved, retainers are a vital part of keeping your teeth looking great for a lifetime. Everyone who receives orthodontic treatment should plan on upkeep with a retainer for the long term. After some initial frequent use right after your treatment plan comes to an end, however, you should be fine only wearing it at night while you sleep.

Would you like to schedule an orthodontic consultation? Call us today and take the first step towards your most beautiful smile ever.