Braces Benefits: Nine Ways Braces Can Improve Your Quality of Life

For Rick, a 21-year-old college student, braces were a gateway to a new quality of life. Rick’s journey with Swihart Orthodontics, which began to correct a significant underbite, showcases the multifaceted benefits of braces, going far beyond cosmetic improvement.

Nine Life-Improving Benefits of Braces:

The impact of braces is about more than the visible changes. Orthodontics contribute to a variety of improvements that affect both physical well-being and psychological health. Let’s explore the diverse ways braces have enriched Rick’s life and those of other Swihart Orthodontics patients:

  • Improved bite function: Like Rick, many patients after their treatments find profound joy in simple pleasures like biting into a slice of pizza. When Rick ate pizza before braces, he tells us, all the cheese came off in one bite, and he was left with soggy bread. He now chomps effectively and with confidence thanks to jaw surgery and orthodontics.
  • Oral hygiene: With braces bringing teeth into proper alignment, brushing and flossing become easier and more effective, reducing the risk of cavities and gum disease.
  • Aesthetic satisfaction: A straightened smile, often the most anticipated outcome of braces, boosts self-confidence and overall happiness with one’s appearance. Rick wasn’t particularly concerned about the appearance of his teeth prior to braces, but he reports feeling more confident now nonetheless.
  • Prevention of tooth wear: By correcting misalignment, braces prevent uneven wear on teeth that can otherwise lead to long-term dental issues.
  • Support for dental appliances: For those involved in sports, properly aligned teeth ensure that protective mouthguards fit more comfortably and effectively.
  • Good habits: The routine of orthodontic care instills a sense of discipline around brushing and flossing that can last for good and may even help us become more structured in other areas of our lives.
  • More money: What?! There isn’t a ton of research on this, but there is some evidence that the better the appearance of one’s teeth, the better the economic outcome. We do know that a great smile adds to confidence, and confidence correlates to higher income.

Rick’s narrative is a testament to the benefits braces can bestow upon your life. He reflects on his orthodontic experience with positivity, acknowledging how each adjustment has brought him closer to ease and confidence.

How Can Braces Benefit You?

Rick’s story encapsulates the essence of braces’ benefits. If you or someone you know is considering braces, take Rick’s journey as encouragement for the improvements that await. At Swihart Orthodontics, we’re committed to unlocking the life-changing benefits of braces. We’re not just straightening teeth; we’re enhancing lifestyles. Book a consultation to discover how we can help improve your quality of life.

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