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Swihart Orthodontics Is Right By Your Side In the Journey to Your Best Smile

When sixth-grader Landon first came to see Newport News and Gloucester orthodontist Dr. Swihart, his teeth were pointing in all directions. The VA-based team at Swihart Orthodontics mapped out the path to Landon’s best smile, and together they embarked on the journey of treatment with traditional metal braces.

Landon’s New Smile Isn’t Just Straighter — It’s Healthier Too

Not only did Landon’s orthodontic treatment provide a beautiful smile — and the increased confidence that comes with it! — his braces also addressed potential oral health issues that can come from misaligned teeth. 

Braces and clear aligners can help tweens and teens correct malocclusions — aka, “bad bites” — including overbites (where the upper teeth close too far in front of the lower teeth), open bites (where the top and bottom teeth don’t meet), protruding teeth, or crowded teeth. Left untreated, these misalignments can lead to uneven wearing of the tooth surface and even difficulty biting and chewing some foods.

Straighter teeth are less prone to injury, are easier to keep clean. Of course, a straighter smile isn’t just good for your health — it’s also a great way to let your best self shine!

Having Braces Can Be Tough, But the Swihart Orthodontics Team Is Here To Guide The Way

Landon will be the first to admit that having braces isn’t always easy. Brushing, in particular, can be difficult with metal brackets and wires in the way. And then there are the yummy foods that are off-limits with braces — specifically anything too hard, crunchy or sticky (think: chips, carrots, popcorn, and caramel).

But the Swihart Orthodontics team is here to help! From Landon’s very first visit, they gave him pointers on what foods to avoid, showed him how best to brush and floss with braces, and offered answers to any other questions he may have.

Dr. Swihart is ABO Certified And Ready For Anything

At every step along the way, the friendly and caring team at Swihart Orthodontics was right by Landon’s side to guide him through his treatment. 

Dr. Corrie Swihart is an ABO Certified orthodontist, a certification that recognizes her personal commitment to providing the highest possible level of patient care. With her specialized training — which goes far above and beyond the requirements to practice as an orthodontist — Dr. Swihart is ready to customize a treatment plan and troubleshoot any issues that might pop up during treatment. No wonder she’s the best orthodontist in Newport News and Gloucester, VA!

Celebrating the End of the Journey

Landon reached the end of his two-year orthodontic journey and had his braces removed earlier this year! He is so happy with his fantastic new smile, and he was particularly excited to celebrate with a sticky, crunchy Twix bar! Dr. Swihart and the Swihart Orthodontics team are thrilled for Landon and his healthy new smile! 

Call today to make an appointment with the best Gloucester and Newport News, VA orthodontist — and ask Dr. Swihart to help map out the journey to your best smile.

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