Dr. Corrie Swihart is ABO certified orthodontists

ABO Certified Orthodontist in Newport News and Gloucester, VA

Dr. Corrie Swihart is ABO certified. What does that mean?

She Always Be Orthodontin’.

(Sorry. That was one of our weaker jokes.)

But there is nothing weak about being an ABO Certified orthodontist.

American Board of Orthodontics Certification

The American Board of Orthodontics (ABO) is the only orthodontic specialty board recognized by both the American Dental Association (ADA) and the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO). Doctors like three-letter acronyms 😉

ABO certification is an additional voluntary credential given to practicing orthodontists who have successfully completed the ABO exam. The exam has two parts; the first “written” part is taken at the end of the orthodontic residency, just before graduation. Upon graduation and completion of part one of the exam, doctors become board eligible to take part two or the “clinical” part of the exam.

Why did we stress the word ‘voluntary’ in the previous paragraph? Well, because it’s important to understand that orthodontists are not required to get this certification. The ones who do choose to get certified are showing:

  • a personal commitment to providing the highest level of patient care
  • dedication to the standards of specialty practice
  • a willingness and excitement to continue learning

Why You Should Choose an ABO Certified Orthodontist

You know those ‘get certified over the weekend’ schemes you see advertised on the internet? This is not that.

Getting ABO certified involves:

  • hundreds of extra hours of studying orthodontic literature
  • the ability to critically review personal patient outcomes
  • critical review of patient outcomes shared by other doctors in orthodontic studies, forums, etc.

The result? An orthodontist who is better prepared to:

  • evaluate patient cases
  • make treatment plans
  • handle difficult/challenging cases
  • troubleshoot mid-treatment issues
  • critically assess final outcomes

It’s definitely a win for the patient. So much of a successful and happy outcome depends on trust between the patient and the orthodontist. When your orthodontist is ABO certified, as Dr. Swihart is, you can relax knowing that you are making the right decisions for yourself or your child.

Dr. Corrie Swihart is ABO certified orthodontist in Newport News and Gloucester.

ABO Certification? Girlfriend Reunion Time!

Originally, Dr. Swihart and a few of her friends planned to take their ABO exam together in July 2020. They would all meet together in St. Louis at the ABO headquarters and have a mini-reunion. As often happens, after graduating, she and her pals had dispersed all around the country, so they were looking forward to taking the exam and then having some much-needed girlfriend time together.

Then Covid-19 happened. Bummer.

All exams were postponed until 2021 and changed to an online format.

The bad news? Dr. Swihart never got her mini-reunion.

The good news? All of her friends successfully completed the exam and are now all board-certified!

Dr. Swihart received her official certification on October 1, 2021.

The Very Best Orthodontic Care in Newport News and Gloucester

When searching the internet for the best orthodontist in Newport News, or the best orthodontic office in Gloucester, the results can be overwhelming. But now you know what to look for. When searching for the best orthodontist, check to ensure that they are ABO certified. Then you know that you are choosing to work with an orthodontist who is both professionally and personally dedicated to being the very best.

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