Alyssa’s Story: 3 Important Lessons for Teens Who Are Getting Braces

Alyssa isn’t ready to enter eighth grade.

Nope, this poised, well-spoken young woman is eager to embark on not just the next school year, but also life itself. At just 13, she has an array of unlimited adventures and opportunities rolled out ahead of her like the proverbial red carpet. And, nothing’s going to stand in her way, not even having braces.

Like most teenagers, Alyssa isn’t thrilled about having metal braces. With only a few weeks left before her orthodontic treatment is complete, however, she’s gained a great deal of equanimity about her experience.

That’s due in part to the professional, compassionate folks at Swihart Orthodontics. Led by Dr. Corrie Swihart, the team at this Newport News, VA orthodontic practice is committed to helping their patients. For Dr. Swihart and her colleagues, building better smiles is just one part of the equation; caring about their patients’ overall well-being informs every aspect of their work.

As a result, Dr. Swihart and her team pride themselves on playing a part in their patients’ exciting transformations. Read on to learn about one particular teenager’s “glow-up” and the lessons she learned along the way.

Lesson #1: It could be worse

First, things could always be worse. Some of her friends, she says, have had to endure braces for two or even three years. Now that Alyssa has been in Dr. Swihart’s care for 18 months, she is fast approaching the end of her orthodontic experience.

“It’s not that long,” she says. “It’s actually pretty short compared to my friends.”

Although having braces hasn’t been a total cakewalk—Alyssa admits to some reluctance when it came to wearing the bands that would gently pull her teeth and jaw into alignment—she understands that the entire process is well worth any minor discomfort or inconvenience.

Lesson #2: Listen to your mother

Of course, this is a lesson that everyone has to learn—over and over again. But Alyssa seems to be a little bit ahead of the curve. When she talks about wearing her bands, she exhibits a degree of self-awareness that’s uncommon for someone so young.

“My mom would tell me to wear them, and I wouldn’t,” she explains, somewhat sheepishly. “But it’s important to wear your bands so that it won’t take an extremely long time for your braces.”

Of all the wisdom imparted by parents the world over, the notion that our actions have consequences is a particularly important concept to comprehend.

Lesson #3: Orthodontic treatment works wonders

Before she got braces, Alyssa had some serious issues affecting her smile. One of her top front teeth was actually overlapping the other. Another one of her teeth—also front-and-center, but on the bottom this time—was visibly twisted almost all the way around. There was an overbite to correct, as well.

Once Dr. Swihart began addressing Alyssa’s dental alignment issues, the 13-year-old started to see some dramatic results, and much more quickly than she expected.

“During the process, I was so excited because, after two weeks, my front teeth and my bottom tooth were perfectly fine. It was that quick!”

A Brand New Smile on the Horizon

Dr. Swihart’s timing couldn’t be better, either. Alyssa will be saying farewell to all those brackets and wires right before heading back to school. With her beautiful, brand-new smile, she’ll be poised to embark on eighth grade—and all the other exciting adventures that await.

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