Nervous About Orthodontics? She Was, Too.

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VA Is Changing People’s Comfort Level With Oral Healthcare

It’s normal to have some nervousness about visiting the dentist or the orthodontist. In fact, studies have shown that more than 60% of people suffer from dental fear! Here at Swihart Orthodontics, we make it our mission to make you feel right at home.

Shelley had always been nervous about undergoing any kind of dental work. Her nerves had kept her from having some necessary work done on her teeth for many years. When her husband finally convinced her that she should take care of the issues sooner than later, she scheduled a visit with Newport News, VA orthodontist Dr. Corrie Swihart — and she couldn’t have been more surprised at how friendly, comfortable, and accommodating the staff at our practice were!

Making Your Best Smile Possible

Shelley was dealing with a number of dental alignment and bite issues, and due to some missing teeth, she needed dental implants as well. In order for the implants to do their job and be placed properly though, Shelley’s dentist said she needed to undergo Invisalign treatment. That’s where Dr. Swihart and her team come in.

With care and attentive communication, Swihart Orthodontics helped Shelley straighten her smile so that she could complete all the necessary dental work she had put off for so many years. And she felt remarkably at ease throughout the process.

What’s the Invisalign Process Like?

Just ask Shelley’s husband Orlando! After Shelley’s relaxed and comfortable experience at Swihart Orthodontics, Orlando decided to straighten his smile, as well. He had been feeling self-conscious about his crooked teeth and was inspired to finally do something about it.

The feeling of a straight, smooth, and radiant smile is something Orlando had never experienced before. He loves the new balance and aesthetically pleasing appearance of his teeth!

Ready to experience your own smile transformation? Schedule an appointment with our orthodontist in Newport News, VA today.

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