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Should EVERY Kid See an Orthodontist?

Newport News Orthodontist Explains Why All Kids Need a Checkup — Even If They Don’t Need Braces

Did you know that the American Association of Orthodontists recommends that all children have an initial orthodontic checkup by the age of seven? If you’re like most parents, that may come as a surprise to you! Many people think that their child will only need to see an orthodontist if they have obvious bite problems or crooked teeth once their adult teeth come in. However, early interceptive treatment can actually save kids treatment time and discomfort when they are older… and it can save parents money, too! 

Your child may not need braces. They may not need early orthodontic intervention. But if they do, this can save them (and you!) hassle later on. And there’s only one way to know for sure!

It’s important to note that coming in for an orthodontic checkup by the age of seven does not mean your child will start wearing braces at this young age. While some early treatment plans involve orthodontia at this stage, only your orthodontist can say for sure once she has examined your child’s unique bite and tooth structure.

The main goal of this initial appointment is to create a baseline observation for how your child’s jaw and teeth are developing. Dr. Swihart and her team accomplish this through a visual examination as well as through photographs and X-rays.

Once the examination and structural review is complete, Dr. Swihart will make her recommendation and discuss next steps. In some cases, the next step will simply be a follow-up appointment once the child’s adult teeth have come in. In other cases, Dr. Swihart may recommend an early intervention plan to help your child minimize treatment and discomfort down the road.

If you’ve been wondering whether your child should see an orthodontist — and if so, when — call our office today with any questions you may have. Our friendly Newport News, VA orthodontist staff will be happy to discuss the benefits of early assessment with you, and help you determine whether or not you should bring your child in for a visit with us.

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