Swihart Orthodontics in Newport News and Gloucester

New Name, Same Smiles

There comes a time in the life of every rockstar orthodontist’s practice that they have to take their brand to the next level. For Dr. Corrie Swihart, that time is now. Her patients love her calm, clear, compassionate, and knowledgeable way of serving the community, and now she’s upping her game to expand her availability and connection with them.

Introducing Swihart Orthodontics, with two practice locations in Newport News, VA and Gloucester, VA.

Dr. Swihart became an orthodontist because orthodontics changed her life. A shy young girl, going through orthodontic treatment gave her a newfound confidence in her smile and herself that inspired her to want to share this profound gift with others. Today, she delights in watching her patients’ self-confidence blossom before her eyes over the course of orthodontic treatment.

That positive energy carries over into the whole practice, and patients notice it the moment they come in for an appointment. People want to work with professionals in their area who not only have the expertise to support them, but who also lift their spirits and align with their goals for healthy, happy living.

Swihart Orthodontics is more than just a smile-straightening business. It’s a local business that treats their patients like family. We want to hear how your soccer game or swim meet went. We want to be your go-to resource for great smiles and bite health for the whole family. We gear our entire practice around your comfort, and we love the feedback we get from the community.

Whether you have a complex bite issue that may require jaw surgery or you simply need braces or clear aligners to create your ideal smile, we are here to help you any way we can. We address orthodontic questions and concerns, create financially doable treatment plans, and walk you through each step of the process, from preparation to implementation to a long, happy life with the smile you love.

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