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Are You a Candidate for Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Surgical Orthodontics Can Correct Jaw Misalignments That Braces Can’t

The advances made in traditional orthodontics and clear aligners have made it possible for many cases of jaw and tooth misalignment to be corrected without surgery. However, corrective jaw surgery is still the right solution in some cases. Our highly trained staff here at Swihart Orthodontics will help you determine whether or not surgical orthodontics is right for you. We have two convenient locations in Newport News and Gloucester, Virginia.

Surgical orthodontics is an interdisciplinary approach to treatment. Also known as “orthognathic surgery,” this procedure is used in combination with traditional braces in order to correct disharmony between the upper and lower jawbones. This typically occurs when either excessive or deficient bone growth is present in one of the jaws. 

Braces and clear aligners have some capacity to correct misaligned jaws, but when the misalignment is due to the mismatched growth of the two jawbones, surgery is often necessary to correct it.

Your Oral Health and Comfort Are Our Priority

If you’re feeling nervous about corrective jaw surgery and unsure of what that will entail, Dr. Swihart and her compassionate orthodontic team are on hand to discuss all the details with you. We have helped numerous people with this condition to correct their bite and live happier, healthier, more vibrant lives. 

Correcting your bite with jaw surgery is far more than just a cosmetic issue. Depending on the specifics of your particular case, surgery can help you with issues such as comfort and ease with chewing and eating, reduction of undue wear and tear on your teeth, sleep apnea, chronic mouth breathing, and more.

It might feel scary since you’ve never been through it before, but we know just how to prepare you, help you heal, and monitor your success.

Call us today and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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