Every Age is The Perfect Age to Straighten Your Smile with Invisalign®

Just because your teenage years are in the rearview mirror, doesn’t mean the opportunity to straighten your teeth has passed you by! We’re here to set the record straight: you can start your smile journey at any age and Swihart Orthodontics in Newport News and Gloucester, Virginia will be with you every step of the way!

Meet Darlene

Darlene was in her 50’s when she began her Invisalign treatment. With an important job at Fort Eustis in Virginia, she frequently interacts with generals and commanders and it’s important to Darlene that her smile helps cultivate an air of friendliness and approachability.

After braces didn’t provide the results she desired, Darlene was skeptical that Invisalign’s clear aligners could provide the results she hoped for. And, who straightens their teeth in their 50’s, right?

Will Invisalign Fit Into My Lifestyle?

Invisalign clear aligners are virtually transparent and removable, so you can keep brushing and eating as you normally do (popcorn lovers celebrate!). They are discreet; no wires or rubber bands to make you feel self-conscious. Invisalign treatment aligns with your life as it aligns your teeth.

“There’s no reason to be afraid because with Invisalign you can actually take them out, it’s not like you’re stuck with braces!”

How About Kissing with Invisalign?

We’ll let Darlene handle this one:

“I recently traveled to Turkey to meet my sweetheart. At the time he was just my sweetheart, I didn’t know that later on he would become my fiance’! I guess giving him a kiss has been my biggest challenge. But he didn’t have a problem, I didn’t have a problem. That’s really the only challenge I’ve had”.

So, you’re wondering if Invisalign treatment will dampen your dating life…no! Is kissing possible with Invisalign aligners in your mouth? Yes!  Because the aligners are hardly noticeable, your date may not even notice that you’re wearing them, and you can even remove your aligners during your dates. However, it’s also important to wear your aligners 22 hours per day to get the best (and fastest) results.

What Teeth Problems Can Invisalign Treat?

Whether it’s just a little tweaking or big fix, make an appointment for a consultation with the Swihart Orthodontic team to find out if Invisalign treatment is right for your:

Why  Choose Swihart Orthodontics?

Just like Darlene, many people come to Swihart Orthodontics because their friends have been raving about our care.

“The team was absolutely wonderful. Dr. Swihart is very dynamic and a great leader, and she has a wonderful smile. They explained the whole process to me and answered all my questions. They were there for me and I appreciate that tremendously! I’ve never had that with any other dental care”

If you are considering Invisalign or braces at any age, book your consultation today and let’s get started!


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