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Swihart Orthodontics: Expanding Smiles and Boosting Confidence

Once Embarrassed to Smile, Lily Now Proudly Shows Off Her Braces

Outgoing Lily was once self-conscious about her smile, and she had begged her mother to let her get braces. Lily’s teeth were crowded, which made them appear crooked. She desperately wanted a straighter smile! So Lily’s mom contacted Gloucester, VA and Newport News, VA orthodontist Dr. Corrie Swihart and set up an appointment.

Lily Was Scared, But the Team at Dr. Swihart’s Office Made Her Want to Come Back

To ease her mind about getting orthodontic work, Lily watched videos of other children who had expanders and braces. Their descriptions of pain and discomfort made her nervous, but that didn’t last long! Dr. Corrie Swihart and her kind staff saw Lily’s big personality right away and treated her as the bright, vivacious kid that she is. They made her feel right at home.

“That Ain’t So Bad!”

Anticipating discomfort but committed to getting straighter teeth, Lily got her expander. While she found it was a little sore and felt strange in her mouth at first, it felt better after a couple of days. It was such a great experience visiting with everyone at Dr. Swihart’s office that Lily can’t wait to come back!

Early Intervention Can Keep Lily Out of the Dentist’s Chair Later in Life

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends that children see an orthodontist by about age 7. This initial visit can identify ways to prevent or reduce later dental problems. Read up on Phase 1 Interceptive Treatments here, or book your child’s first visit with us now!

Lily’s crowded teeth called for an expander to create space for healthy adult teeth. Palate expanders work by slowly spreading the bones of the palate. The patient or a caregiver periodically turns a key to incrementally increase expansion. Some patients do not require braces after the expander and some, like Lily, do.

“They’re Really Cool on Me”

Future-focused Lily doesn’t mind her braces one bit. In fact, she likes them because she knows her teeth are getting straighter. She got teal, pink and purple elastic ties and loves to smile now!

The only complaint Lily has about wearing braces is that she can’t eat some of her favorite “smushy” candies. The good news is, for most patients like her, the whole process of wearing an expander and braces only lasts about 10 to 12 months.

From Patient to Doctor: Lily Was Inspired by How Swihart Orthodontics Helped Her Smile

Dr. Swihart and her amazing team of assistants and coordinators have inspired Lily to be an orthodontist when she grows up so she can help other kids like herself. She plans to be a full-time Diamond division gymnastics coach and part-time orthodontist. Go Lily!

Call us now to talk about expanders or braces, or to set up an appointment at Swihart Orthodontics in Gloucester, VA or Newport News, VA!

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